When Should You Buy A New Pair Of Running Shoes?

“My shoes are still new! Why do I have to buy another pair?”

That seems to be a very natural reaction when someone tells you to replace a new pair of running shoes after running with the old one for a few months. You think it’s unnecessary when your shoes still looks good. They don’t have any torn and the sole isn’t worn at all. Many people tend to wear shoes as long as possible, until their shoes can’t be used. There are 2 main reasons for this problem:

– In term of finance, you’ve spent a lot of money buying shoes and of course, you want to take advantage of this investment as long as possible. Buying another pair of shoes when your old shoes have just been used for 1 year is a waste, especially with the shoes cost too much.

– In term of psychology, for many people, shoes are like their friends, their lover. They cherish, preserve their shoes as an accessory. Especially with the shoes they have worn through many races, their running shoes become too familiar. Throwing away after a short time using is certainly no one wants to do with their beloved shoes.

New Pair Of Running Shoes

So, how do you know when you should buy new running shoes?

Sorry, there is no an exact answer for this question.

Depending on your weight, running style, usage and the terrain; the time everyone uses running shoes is different. There will be no precise answer on how long you need to replace the new shoes.

For professional runners, they can feel the difference when the shoes start degrading. For normal runners, it’s hard for them to recognize the extraordinary of their running shoes.

If you suspect the shoes are showing signs of deterioration, you can go to a shoe store to check and make sure to bring your old shoes. Looking for new shoes which are similar to yours to try on and then change to try on your old shoes. If your feel there is a clear difference between 2 pair of shoes about the softness, elasticity, you would rather buy a new pair of running shoes.

You can also use your finger to press on the heel of the shoes to check. With the new shoes, middle soles are often hard and you cannot press into it. If the shoe sole become soft when you press, your shoes may not have enough resilience to against the weight of the body.

In addition, there is another way to know when to replace shoes. You can check the distance you have run. According to studies, you should replace your shoes every 600 to 900 km. The difference 300 km depending on many factors such as weight, running style,.. If you are not heavy, you can use your shoes up to 900 km. If your weight is more than 90kg, you probably should replace the new shoes after running for 600km.

However, replacing shoes does not mean you have to throw away your old shoes in the trash. Old running shoes can be no longer useful to you in training, but you can use them to walk or play outdoors games daily. These activities do not cause significant impacts on the legs as running, you can still continue to take advantage of old shoes for a while.

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