Top 5 Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Men

Walking is a type of low-impact exercises, but also causes to many types of foot pain, especially when you wear inappropriate shoes. Therefore, to still get the health benefits of walking, it is really important to choose a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Here are the most comfortable walking shoes for men.

1. Asics Men's GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe


Asics is a well-known brand name for the footwear products. Since the beginning of the founder of company, Asics is aimed to give the customers high quality of footwear linked to healthy lifestyle. For such reason, Asics has actually proved customers their dominant features.

Asics men’s gel-tech walker neo looks really eye-catching and manly in design, which is easy to make men be in love with them at first sight.

Plus, they are made of fabric and synthetic, but using rubber for the soles, which make the shoes more flexible and durable in any conditions of using.

However, the shoes are light in weight and have breathable mesh panel features, so it sounds that they are born to be serve the walkers and runners because it can give the comfort for the feet while they are walking and running.

The last thing to love Asics is that they have a roomy toe box, so people who have wide forefoot but narrow heel can avoid the bunion problems during wearing.

1. New Balance Men's MW769V1 Walking Shoe


For those who are looking for shoes that can be great to walk in uneven surfaces for long distances like hiking or trekking, new balance men’s MW769V1 is really perfect. In fact, MW769V1 has evolved its design with more dominant features for many years, which can suit better and better the requirements of outdoor using.

The shoes are made of synthetic but using rubber for the sole, so they are flexible but still firm as needed, so whatever you walk on soggy grass or hard roads, they are still great. Plus, the bendable feature makes the shoes are easy to step on hard sharp rocks. In addition, the ABZORB shock-absorbing cushioning is an upside to increase the comfort for user’s feet when they have to walk for a long distance.

1. Vasque Men's Mantra 2.0 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot


Patagonia Drifter A/C GoreTex is a pair of shoes that a lot of experienced hikers and backpackers are seeking for, so what are the great features of these shoes? A breathable mesh and leather upper make them really cool to walk in any conditions, especially in wet conditions. Also, this feature help the shoes waterproof and more protective, which becomes the most preferred for the users. Of course, leather is well-known for its durable ability.

Plus, the rubber material is used for making sole, so Patagonia Drifter A/C GoreTex offers the outstanding traction. Moreover, the bottoms of shoes are designed to get better grip to any surfaces. However, as a downside, these shoes are quite heavier than other shoes, which may bother users a bit while wearing.

1. ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid Walk Oxford


It would be missing if ECCO men’s biom hybrid walk oxford shoes do not stand on your list for the most comfortable walking shoes. In fact, the shoes offer in a light weight and athletic flexibility due to an ideal material – Yak leather for the upper and man-made rubber for outsoles. For these dominant features, the shoes allow shoes to have the bendable ability while you are stepping on uneven surfaces but still have the great traction and better grip to any surfaces, like slippery rocks in the streams or wet leaves in the forests. Also, the material can offer the durable ability, so your shoes are guaranteed to be in great serviceable condition after several miles of walking. What are else? The textile lining feature makes ECCO excellent for being highly breathable, so your feet will feel more comfortable while wearing.

1. Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Fitknit Lace-Up Walking Shoe


There is nothing better than a pair of shoes that can combine the comfortable, fashionable and fuctional features, and Skechers Go Walk 3 Fitknit Mens Slip On Shoes is a model that can offer all those great features. Firstly, the outside looks of these shoes are really eye-catching and impressive with their slip-on design, so you can wear them to go with your jean, short or any types of sport wear, all of them will bring you the nice and sporty looking. Secondly, the mesh lining of these shoes are breathable and cool, so this feature can increase the comfortable feeling while wearing. Plus, with the fabric trim and cushioned footbed with GOga Mat® technology, the shoes become really protective of your feet during all day long walking. Finally, with ResalyteTM technology midsole, the shoes are increased the absorption, so your feet are pampered during long distance of walking. For all of positive features, there is no reason to be not in love with Skecher go walk 3 fitknit.

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