Things To Remember When You Buy A Running Shoes

Buy a running shoes, that means you buy an equipment for your running activity, so buying a good running shoes is very important. I’m going to share some experience about buying running shoes that I think you should remember when you want to have a good one.

Don’t buy your shoes based on other people’s opinion.

I don’t think buying shoes based on other people’s opinion is a good way to decide what shoes you will buy. There are many posts on the Internet about what types of running shoes you should buy but almost of them was written based on the personal feeling, so I think they are just your reference or orientation, not your decision. Some types of shoes which are complimented but maybe they are not a good shoes for you. Otherwise, a pair of shoes which is underestimated can be suitable for you.

Buy for you, not for people

Don’t be affected by crowd effects: “Many people bought it, so you should buy it”. Also, don’t buy you shoes based on people advices. You buy for your own and you will wear that shoes, not anyone else. I’ve heard this reason when a guest considered to buy a running shoes: “I see many people wear that shoes so I think it must be very good. I have to buy one, right?” Well, I don’t think so. People’s feets are different so their opinion about buying a running shoes is also different. You should test before buy to make sure they are comfortable with you.

Try on carefully

Thing I always repeat and repeat when give advice about buying running shoes is try them on carefully. Don’t forget this. Don’t just wear and take it off, try to walk and run slowly as long as possible to make sure your feet can get familiar with the new shoes or not. Sometimes, there are some problems of running shoes you can only see when you run. Unless you test them carefully, you will regret when you take them home. . Don’t be hasty, spend about 1 – 2 hours when you go shopping to choose the most suitable shoes for you.

Go shopping in the evening

You should buy shoes in the evening because at that time, your feet will expand a little bit, so choose a pair of shoes in the evening will be better than other time. It’s make sure you can choose the most suitable shoes which is comfortable and fit with your feet in all day long.


Don’t forget to check the quality of your new shoes. Although you buy a pair of shoes from the best trademark, it’s not sure there are no problems. Nobody want to buy an ugly or low-quality shoes. Therefore, remember to check it carefully.

Buy running shoes in the shops specialize in and don’t go shopping online.

A shop which specialize in running shoes will have many products about running, shop assistants or staffs who know well about running activity, running shoes trademark and they can give you advice to buy a suitable running shoes. You should compare many types of shoes in different trademark to choose more easily.

Be generous

Although branded shoes will have a high cost but if you want to practice seriously with a high quality running shoes, be generous. A good running shoes can help you running about 400 – 600km or more before damaged if you practice regularly (10km a week). The health benefits you get will be worthy. You get what you pay for.

Avoid shopping online

It’s easy to stay at home and go shopping online. Only with one click, you can get a running shoes easily, conveniently without spend too much time . But, don’t do that. You can’t try on, you can’t check its quality, you can’t see it carefully,… You will take a risk when go shopping online. You may wait a long time for delivery but you have to donate for others because it’s not suitable for you. On the other hand, products online will be cheaper and diversity so many people still prefer order online. I will share my experience about buying running shoes online at another post. I hope you can buy a good running shoes which is suitable for you.

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