Rules And Some Mistakes When Buying Running Shoe For Men

Running is a sport which very convenient and easy for people to practice. A good running shoes is an indispensable equipment for trainer. So, choose a right pair of shoes is an important step that you must notice carefully if you don’t want to choose a wrong shoe and retired your running activity with an injured legs. Although there are many experts who can give you some advise about choosing a right running shoes but here are some rules you should remember.

Shopping rules

Your shoe should have a distance about 1 – 1,3 cm from your tiptoe to the vamp, the heel should be snug but not tight, and the instep should be comfortable and safe. You have to move all of your toes when you wear shoe.

  • Choose a pair of shoes which has no ankle pad because it’s good for your daily training. Running shoes with high heel will make you weak at the ankle.
  • Don’t choose a pair of shoes with narrow soles. Narrow sole will decrease the contact between your foot and the ground, make you feel uncomfortable and decrease the friction.
  • Choose a pair of shoes with ventilation or slight materials.
  • Check the flex point of the shoe before you put on. You should holding the heel and pressing the tip of the toe into the floor. The shoe should bend and crease about 1/3 along the same line your foot flexes, the rest should hard and difficult to bend.
  • Hold the heel and the toe, try to twist the shoe. A good shoe will not be distort or deformed.
  • Press the back of the shoe, make sure it’s solid and not deformed.
  • Check the seam along the hem of the shoe.
  • Try on.
  • Choose the shoes which are suitable with the area you are going to train in. If you want to go jogging at the suburb or countryside, you need a comfortable pair of shoes. Choose a pair of shoes which has supported heel and instep structure, slight material is suitable. A pair of shoes which has sole supporter or waterproof is suitable not only for running but also for climbing.

Avoid common shoe-buying mistakes

There are 5 mistakes which running specialty store staffers see runners usually making them again and again when they come to buy shoes. Here are they, remember and avoid them.

  • Buying for looks. When you buy, think feel and fit, fashion is not important. Some runners are concerned with fashion but forget the quality and how can the running shoes support them in training. Maybe the shoes will hurt you and cause some problems even though it is fashionable.
  • Not asking for deals. Although you have ability to pay for the shoes, ask if there are any discount available. Most specialty store offer discounts from about 10 – 20 percent.
  • Buying a small shoes. The shoes should be roomy enough in the forefoot. A tight shoes lead to blisters. Not like women, men are not good at estimating the size of their feet. So, try them on and walk/run a small distance to make sure you feel comfortable with the new shoes, not too tight, not too big.
  • Shopping at the wrong time. Your feet will start to expand a little bit in the morning until about 4 p.m. So, choose a pair of shoes in the evening will be better than other time. That is as big as you are going to get.
  • Assuming the size. As I always say: Men are not self conscious about the size of their feet. So, don’t ever just assume your size. Try on carefully before buy to make sure the shoes is comfortable with you.

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