Why You Should Have A Pair Of New Balance 1765 Shoes

There are a variety of shoe brands out there, which can offer you a nice investment with good quality, of them all is a pair of New Balance brand named MW 1765. In fact, the New Balance 1765 shoes are really worth having due to owning themselves many dominant features, especially there isn’t anything else to be more amazing than a pair of shoes which you can use for both for casual wearing and fitness walking wearing, therefore, here is why you should have a pair of New Balance 1765 shoes in your shoe collection.

New Balance – A Well-known Brand Name For Shoes

New Balance was found in 1906 in Massachusetts by William J Riley. The company intentionally manufactured shoes for all people, but first and foremost focused on manufacturing the running shoes which could give the wearers a better support for their feet. In fact, soon after that, this brand became the best known brand for sport shoes, especially when Tome Feming wore the version of New Balance 320 to take part in the New York Marathon 1975. Since then, this brand has been enhanced its reputation among numerous shoes brands.

Comfortable Feeling

The New Balance 1765 not only brings you the comfort but also the flexibility to your feet while walking. Most of the material is made of synthetic – a light weight material, which means you don’t have to feel like you are lugging a heavy stuff on your feet. With the heals’ measurements are about 1,25 inches, they aren’t clunky and increase the convenient feeling with every step as well.

Moreover, due to being flexible, the shoes are easy to flex and bend over, which means your heel and arch are supportive within every move and another is they are very wide and roomy at toe box, which means your toes are given a better protection and avoid bunion problem as well. Also, the design also brings you the custom-made sole which certain size you choose, which means you are wearing a perfect fit of a pair of shoes.


Although not being the best material for ability to be durable at steep and inhospitable terrains like some shoes specifically designed for adventurous walkers, Synthetic is completely not the worse material. Also, they are sturdy enough to walk on concrete surfaces, and they are actually still in good condition for 2 -3 years if you use these shoes for only casual wearing and light fitness wearing.

Good-looking Style


There is no complaint about the look of New Balance 1765, they looks nice and sporty in design and colors to easily be adapted for both the casual wear and fitness walking wear. Also, they will be easy to go with your short, skirts and jeans, therefore, this pair will be the perfect choice for those who are looking for 2-in-one shoes.

Multiple-Purpose Of Using

Things come with economical using is good, right? so, it would be wonderful to have a pair of shoes which can be used for both casual wear and walking wear in just an investment because New Balance 1765 shoes are intentionally designed for multiple purposive using, therefore, whatever you are looking for a pair for go out with friends or wearing for workouts, New Balance 1765 will definitely fit your requirements.

Affordable Price

Comparing to some other brands, New Balance 1765 is not an expensive pair. In fact, the shoes come around $80 – $90, which means they are very affordable for such a quality of pair. On the contrary, you seem to achieve more than you have to pay. For all above nice things about New Balance 1765, why don’t you add this pair to your collection for shoes?

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