How Much Time Do You Need for Walking

We all know that walking is the most simple way to exercise and improve your health. However, it’s not all of us know exactly how much time should we spend per day for walking and how should we practice during that time to get our goals.

Rick Richey, master instructor with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), said that: “Thirty minutes a day is where we see great health benefits”. Many professional suggest 30 minutes a day is the best time for everyone who wants to join this style of workout. Of course, you can change your speed, resistant and incline in that 30 minutes to fit it to your goals.

Walking 30 minutes a day

This article might give you some useful information to make your 30-minutes be valuable and show you the benefits of it, as well as the the consequences if you walking less or too much.

Choosing the best walking shoes for men and women for walking better.

Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

  1. Walking is good for your brain.

Walking is helpful for ability to acquire, improving memory in senior, controlling cognition and academic performance in preadolescence. Specially, it impulses the creativity when we do it outdoors.

Researcher made a test on student and shows that the farther they can go, the better he or she performs on memory and logic tests. Of course, in contrast, people who are lazy and don’t exercise enough seem to have slower reaction.

  1. Walking reduces the fat and shapes your body.

A brisk 30-minute walk burns 200 calories. Certainly, calories burned can lead to pounds lost. However, you don’t have to do it so hard or try to walking as fast as you can in each minute, but frequently walking will help anyone loses some body fat.

  1. Walking lengthen your life.

Walking reduces the ability of sudden death and the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Walking improves management of conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes.

It make bones stronger and improves balance, increases muscle strength and endurance.

  1. Walking reduces the stress.

After busy days in city, go for a walk on beach or park or forest will make you feel enjoyable and relaxing.

A recent study examined the effect of forest walking on stress in young adults, finding that although chromogranin A (a biomarker of stress) increased, the subjects reported reductions in subjective perceptions of stress.

How should you exercise in 30 minutes a day?

  1. Prepare your outfit.

Firstly, you should buy the shoes that will be your best friend 30 minutes a day. Your “friend” doesn’t have to be too expensive but it should have good quality and make you feel comfortable while walking.

Walking doesn’t require expensive athletic wear, but investing can make you much more comfortable . Start with the right sports bra and it should support but not squish you. Try a few on doing some jumping jacks, make sure you can move easily while jumping down.

  1. Choose your right speed, resistant and incline and slowly changing them

For some people, 30 minutes might be too little to workout because they think it’s not enough to burn their fat. In contrast, the weaker ones think it’s too much for them and they can not do anything else if they walking 30 minutes a day.

All that wrong thoughts are because they haven’t choosen their right schedule yet.

Too much?

If you haven’t workout in a while, try walking 10 minutes per day and watch all signals of your body. Each day or week, challenge yourself by adding 5 more minutes. This schedule gives your body a chance to adapt and reduce the risk of injury as you get fitter up.

One of the great things about exercise with walking is that it can be gathered during the day. If you feel too tired after 30 to 60 minutes hard walking, you can break it up into 3 to 6 times a day (10 minutes once). By this way, you can reduce stress on your schedule.

Not enough?

If you die to lose weight, you might want to speed up or change your resistant and raising your incline while walking. Go upstair or using hand weight to work out will burning more fat and makes your body in shape.

You may be supprised by your weight after 1 week with 30 minutes a day hard walking and happy about that.

Infographic Your Body on Walking:


Bringing to an end, arranging your schedule in 30 minutes walking is really important for you to get your aims. Walking is always good and you can make it better in your way by carrying out it correctly and logically. I hope this article gave you some helpful tips to complete your program perfectly.

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