Improve Your Health With Indoor Walking Workout

Walking is the most simple and easy way to practice, increase your physical activity level and improve your health. Why it is so simple and easy like that? Because you can walk everytime and everywhere you want.

If you have times, you can go outside to walk around the park or even climbing the mountain to raise your level. However, for office workers and mothers who take care of their children all the times, outside walking is not the best way. Nowadays, indoor walking workout is becoming more popular because of its convenience. You can lose your weight even when doing a lot others work in your house, your office or everywhere you want.

The article will give you the overview about Indoor walking workout, and might be helpful for person who want to start an indoor walking program or has interest in finding out this type of workout.


How to do indoor walking workout

Walking indoors can provide all the same benefits as an outdoor workout. It can be more effective than ever if you perform all notes below.

  1. Where to walk indoors

You might think that there are more locations to walk outdoor than indoor, but it should be insist that you can take full advantage of everywhere .

You can walk around your house, an indoor market, the malls, or stores.

If you want to lose weight even when you’re working, don’t hesitate to go around your company to save your time and burn more calories.

  1. Regularly changing your incline

If you have done with the normal style of walking, you can try changing the incline indoors. Challenging yourself by going upstairs and downstairs instead of using elevator.

A creative way to change the incline indoors and burn more fat is wearing high heels to walk around.

  1. Changing your speed and resistance indoors

You can add more resistance by holding anything you have in your house like book, bags or hand weight that doesn’t weight more than 3 pounds. This action can burn your fat and lose your weight if you want to get slimmer.

It sounds not easy to take speed in limited spaces like your home or office. However, you can also look for the opportunities in larger space like the malls or shopping centers.

The advantages of indoor walking workout

Beside the benefits of normal walking like we all know such as lengthening your life, good for brain, reducing fat, shaping your body, decreasing stress, shoring up your bones, and improving sleep, the indoor walking also has its specific advantages.

  1. Saving your time.

For some people, it’s quite hard to go out for a walk while all the works still have to be done.

If you are a fulltime mother, you certainly have to take care of your children all day. If you are a student, your study might be too busy for you to go out. If you are an official worker, your business may prevent you from practicing and doing exercise.

That’s why you should have a look at this type of workout. You can salvage times by doing exercise and working at the same time.

What’s about walking at home and concurrently childcaring, walking around your office to relax after working, and work out while studying? They’re all not bad ideas, specially for those who die to lose weight and be slim.

  1. Do not be affected by the weather.

You don’t have to concern about the weather outside is too hot or too cold. You can still exercise even when it’s raining or snow.

For some girls who really hate the sunblock (which contains UVA and UVB, damages your skin), indoor workout is the best choice. They do not have to wait for the sun sleeping to start their workout.

  1. Freestyle clothes

You are free to wear your favorite workout outfit without worrying about covering yourself in sunblock or whether the color of your clothes will absorb more heat.

And you really don’t have to be shy if you’re bathed in perspiration and look tired without your make up.

The disadvantages of indoor walking workout

If you want to start walking indoor, you will meet some disadvantages which might be the obstacles to prevent you from getting your goals.

  1. The shortage of Equipment

When walking outside, you can use as much as equipment you want. Instead of simply walking, you can go to the gym center where you have a lot of useful tool for you to raise your workout level. You might have a trainer to help you about practicing, your health and even your regime.

  1. Limited Space

When walking indoor, your space might quite narrow. Unlike walking outdoor, where you are free to access to all places you desire to come.

Indoor workout will limit the landscape too. You’ll most likely have to repeat your route over and over and get bored.

  1. Accessibility

It has no problem if you want to work out in your house, however, there aren’t not many places that open all day for you to access. The malls or all buildings have their own open and close time, and some of them close on weekend, that’s why you should make sure you get it before coming to that building. In addition, it’s not convenient if you have to drive to that place if it’s too far.

In my opinion, there’s nothing can keep you from your walking routine apart from your lazy. You choose indoor or outdoor to be the right form for you? I hope the article will help you answer this question and give you more motivation to do exercise everyday.

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