How to Start a Walking Program

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche – a famous philosopher said that: “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking”. This quote exactly shows us the importance of walking in our life. Walking is the simples and cheapest way to increase your physical activity level and improve your overall health.

If you are a person who interests in this type of exercise, have the needs and don’t know how to get started, this article is for you!

start walking program

Why we should start a walking program right now?

Before talking about the method of walking, I will show you some main reasons why we should walking everyday.

  1. Walking lengthen your life.

Walking reduces the ability of sudden death and the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Walking improves management of conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes.

It makes bones stronger and improves balance, increases muscle strength and endurance.

Those who walked the fastest tended to die the least. You want to live longer? You really should try a walking program!

  1. Walking is good for your brain.

Walking is helpful for ability to acquire, improving memory in senior, controlling cognition and academic performance in preadolescence. Specially, it impulses the creativity when we do it outdoors.

Researcher made a test on student and shows that the farther they can go, the better he or she performs on memory and logic tests. Of course, in contrast, people who are lazy and don’t exercise enough seem to have slower reaction.

  1. Walking reduces the fat and shapes your body.

A brisk 30 minutes walk burns 200 calories. Certainly, calories burned can lead to pounds lost. However, you don’t have to do it so hard or try to walking as fast as you can in each minute, but frequently walking will help anyone loses some body fat.

  1. Walking reduces stress.

After busy days in city, go for a walk on beach or park or forest will make you feel enjoyable and relaxing.

A recent study examined the effect of forest walking on stress in young adults, finding that although chromogranin A (a biomarker of stress) increased, the subjects reported reductions in subjective perceptions of stress

As you can see, walking can have a powerful effect on our health. All research prove that we will take a lot of benefits if we walk ten, fifteen, twenty minutes or more at a time and do it regularly. So, why don’t we start a walking program right now?

Types of walking exercise

There are 3 types of walking:

  • Strength walking
  • Variations
  • Considerations

Each types has its own characteristics and be corresponding to different purposes.

  1. Strength walking

Regular walking is a healthy form of light aerobic exercise, but it doesn’t incorporate much strength training. If you want to burn calories fast, you can take your aim up and down or make some circular movement.

In higher level, you may want to try carrying light hand weights while you walk. However, many fitness experts advised that if you do use weights, you should not hold anything heavier than 3 pounds.

  1. Variations

If you want to change the traditional type, let’s make something different. It will be more effective when you combine walking with squat (buttocks action ) or plank (all over action). To burn more calories, try alternating walking with jogging or even sprinting in an interval workout. You can also try lunge walking, which combines strength with cardio move.

  1. Considerations

If you are have a medical condition, haven’t exercised for a long time or are very overweight, you should check with your doctor first. For the beginners, testing yourself by walking only three times a week, 20 minutes for once.

Steps to start a walking program

After getting enough information about the benefits and types of walking, you’re absolutely ready to start a walking program.

  1. Checking your health

Slight walking is suitable for everybody, but if you want to raise your level day to day or want to lose weight, you should go to your doctor and check your health. For the one who haven’t been exercising before, it’s even more essential. Make sure you don’t have any problems about muscles, joints, and heart.

Once you’ve begun, take your eyes on the sign that you overdo it. Always listen to your body and pay attention to its signal. Pain, lightheadeness, or nausea can all be signals that you are practicing too much. If you see any bad symptoms, check it with your doctor right then.

  1. Prepare your clothes

Firstly, you should buy the shoes that will be your best friend 30 minutes a day. Your “friend” doesn’t have to be too expensive but it should have good quality and make you feel comfortable while walking.

Walking doesn’t require expensive athletic wear, but investing can make you much more comfortable . Start with the right sports bra and it should support but not squish you. Try a few on doing some jumping jacks, make sure you can move easily while jumping down.

  1. Building your schedule

For some people, 30 minutes might be too little to workout because they think it’s not enough to burn their fat. In contrast, the weaker ones think it’s too much for them and they can not do anything else if they walking 30 minutes a day.

All that wrong thoughts are because they haven’t chosen their right schedule yet.

  1. Calm aches and pains

Certainly, you’ll feel painful when you start a new exercise after a long time without practicing. For example, your legs might feel tight after the first day and it’s difficult for you to climb a ladder.

Take a day off if your body has bad signals and pay attention on it. You can also use ices to relieve pain. Immediately announcing your doctor to take advices right when you can’t stand the pain anymore.

  1. Make it more fun

There are so many ways for you to make your practice more interesting. For instants, you should find a partner to share your schedule, your results and some tips to make the couple better.

You can mix it up! Every 2 to 3 weeks, try a new route (maybe one with hills), change the incline on the treadmill, or using a pair of light hand weights. Not only challenging your ability but also losing more weight and get your body in shape.

What’s not like about walking? It’s free, it’s easy to do, and it’s easy on the joins. And there’s no doubt that walking is good for you!

Now, with all the information you have got, are you ready to start walking??

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