How to Preserve Running Shoes

For runners or people who like running or jogging, owning a pair of running shoes is essential. However, not everyone knows how to preserve their shoes. So, how to make your shoes always durable and comfortable for your feet?

Cleaning and preservation of running shoes is extremely necessary. How many steps does the process have to make running shoes durable and new?
This writing will tell you some ways to preserve your running shoes.

Preserve Running Shoes

1. Just wearing running shoes when you go running: if you have a habit of running before going to work in the morning, always carry two pairs of shoes: one pair for running and the other for working.

After running for a long time, you need to give your shoes have time to rest, do not wear it throughout the day. You can carry an old pair of running shoes for going to work instead of buying a new pair of shoes. It helps you to save a little money.

2. Do not store your shoes in a place which is too hot or too cold: shoes should be protected from dust, water and sun. With high temperature, your shoes can be deformed. The glue between the body and the sole may be leaked. With low temperature, your shoes may be not elastic enough.

So, in warm countries, do not store shoes in direct sunlight. In cold countries, do not put your shoes in a cold or wet warehouse. You would rather purchase a shoe cabinet for storage. It is safe and also tidy.

3. Wear shoes and remove shoes in a right way: Many of you have the habit of wearing and remove shoes without untie shoelace. This habit will distort the heel of the shoes, at the same time affecting the tightness of the shoes. Remember to untie shoelace every time you wear or remove shoes.

4. Use running shoes carefully:

– Only wear running shoes for running, for other sports, you should use sneakers.

– Do not put your shoes near fusel fuel, oil, gas and corrosive substances. In addition, you would rather prevent your running shoes from chemicals and sharp objects.

– When tying your shoelaces, do not tie too tight. If your shoes are fastened, they are easier to be damaged.

– Do not wash your shoes in washing machine, it will make your running shoes be deformed.

– Do not wear your shoes if they are not completely dry to avoid bacteria and shoes odour.

If you want to own a long lasting pair of running shoes, you must know how to preserve them. A good pair of shoes can protect you from many risks and injuries when you take part in playing sports, especially running. Cleaning and preserving them regularly to make your shoes always new, beautiful and comfortable. Moreover, you can also save money instead of buying a new one in case your old shoes are damaged. We hope that this writing can help you a little on preserving your running shoes.

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