How to Clean Running Shoes?

Everyone knows that shoes are seen to be essential accessories of jogging. Like clothes, running shoes should be cleaned regularly to maintain the best use status, while ensuring the safety carrier.
Are your excited to put your feet into a dirty and stinky pair of shoes? Absolutely not, right? In contract, a new and fragrant pair of shoes will help you become more interested every time you want to run or go jogging.

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So, read this writing. We will show you how to clean and preserve running shoes.

How often should you wash your running shoes?

This is the most common question when we talk about footwear sanitation. Importantly, you should distinguish between cleaning and washing shoes.
There are two types of people: first is wash shoes very often, second is rarely wash shoes. So, how often should we wash shoes?
Unfortunately, we do not have the exact answer. However, experts say that we should wash shoes once a month, and only hand washing.

If you regularly run on the wet or dirty road, you need to wash shoes more often or your shoes will be musty.

Alternatively, you can clean your running shoes everyday if you like. You had better use a soft toothbrush and brush gently to get rid of dirt and stains on your shoes. It does not waste too much time but it can make your shoes clean and new every day.

Some tips to clean your running shoes:

When you clean your shoes, the most important thing is how not to affect the quality of your shoes. Follow these tips to know the right way to clean your shoes:

1. Do not wash your running shoes after every time you run: your shoes will be quickly damaged if you soak it too often. The glue on the soles may be leaked or the shoes material may be rotted.

2. Do not wash your shoes in the washing machine: if you are lazy and want to use a washing machine, you should only do that a few times some months.

3. Never put your shoes in the dryer: the high temperature of the dryer will damage your shoes with many negative effects.

4. Do not soak your shoes for a long time: Shoes are different from clothes. Shoes have the glue between the body and the shoe sole. If you soak your shoes for a long time, this glue will be leaked.

5. Restricting using soap: Unless the shoes are too dirty, using water inefficient, you should use the diluted soap.

6. Tuck the paper into your shoes after finishing cleaning: its purpose is to keep the shoe form.

For long- term use, you must know how to clean your running shoes in a right way. Follow these tips above can help you very much. About the shoes preservation, we will have the other writing about that topic. Hope you guys can clean your running shoes and make your shoes always clean, new and beautiful.

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