How To Choose A Pair Of Running Shoes

A pair of shoes which is suitable for your feet not only helps you to protect your legs and avoid unfortunately injuries but also becomes a tool contributing to the success of the sport you take part in.

For a runner or a person who likes running, running shoes are indispensable thing to them. Despite of being aware of all the need of running shoes, not everyone knows how to choose the best running shoes for themselves. Most of them just pay attention to the design, colour and forget the standards needed. This writing will show you the steps to buy the most suitable shoes for yourself.

choose a pair of running shoes

What is your arch type?

This is the first thing you should notice when you buy shoes. Knowing what types of your feet helps you to select the most comfortable shoes for yourself. The way to identify your arch type is very simple: just dip your feet into the water and then step on the paper. After that, your footprint will appear.

In general, there are 3 types of arch: normal arch with the neutral foot alignment, high arch with supinator foot alighment and flatfoot with pronator foot alignment.

If you have normal arch, you should wear stability shoes. If you have normal arch, you’d rather choose cushioned shoes. And motion control shoes are suitable for the people who have flatfoot.

Select suitable shoes:

This step plays an important role when you buy running shoes. There are some points you should pay attention when choosing a pair of shoes.

+ The design:

You would rather choose the light running shoes with soft shoe soles for running. A pair of shoes like that can withstand pressure or greater friction. It helps to protect you from any risks or injuries when you are running.

+ Do not be too thrifty:

Sometime you think that the money you spend for running shoes is too much, but it’s a worth investment.

Try to think: does the money you spend for your running shoes is more than the money you spend for treatment because you don’t wear suitable shoes on the training course? Of course, the answer is “No”!

+ Buy at trusted addresses:

If you want to buy high quality shoes, you should buy them at reputable stores. In there, you not only can have numerous choices but also can be helped and advised by the employees.

+ Do not follow trends:

There are so many kinds of running shoes in the market now. We can se a lot of shoes with different design, material, color,… and especially the various features such as: help you run faster, slimming … But actually that’s not entirely true.

Try as many different kinds of shoes as possible, do not buy because of the price or because of the fashion trends. When you are just beginners, you should choose traditional shoes designed for walking, jogging.

These are some notes that we think you would rather notice when you want to buy running shoes. We hope you guys will have the most suitable shoes for yourselves.

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