How To Prevent Foot Pain When Walking

We all know that walking is the simplest and easiest way to increase your physical activity level and improve your health. Walking is convenient because you don’t need a gym membership or a trainer.

However, sometimes walking can be dangerous if you don’t have enough knowledge about what shoes to wear. A lot of people complain about foot pain after walking a long distance and don’t want to keep up with their exercise routine. But pain may be a good sign that you are using the right muscles. Although, sometimes ignoring the pain can lead to injuries. You don’t want to let this pain make you stop exercising because it can cause more issues like heart disease, strokes, and obesity.


  1. Pain on the side of your big toe

Problem: Having pains on the side of your big toe can lead to bunions. This normally happens when you wear shoes that are too small or too heavy for you.

Solution: Immediately you should buy new shoes that are wider, especially in the toe box. But if you don’t want to buy new shoes you can take them to a cobbler and they should be able to stretch out your old ones.

To relieve the pain you can ice your foot for about 30 minutes to reduce the swelling. If the pain does not subside you should consult a doctor, sometimes bunions can become so severe you may have to get surgery to remove the bony protrusions or to realign the toe joints.

  1. Toenails pain

Problem: Medically toenail injuries can occur when the sides of your toenails grow the wrong direction. This can occur when the shoes are putting too much pressure on your toes.
Pressure can occur by shoes that fit too tightly. In the worst case scenarios this can cause your toe nail to fall off. But don’t worry they will eventually grow back.

Solution: The easiest way to fix this problem is to buy shoes that are a half size larger. Also, another way to avoid this pain is to keep your toenails trimmed.

  1. Achilles tendinitis

Problem: Your Achilles is the tendon that connects your calf muscle to your heel. This area can easily be hurt when you spend too much time walking without enough heel support. This can cause you to strain your tendon or worse, send shooting pains up your legs.

Solution:  The best way to heal this type of pain is to change your exercise routine to something that does not require you to be on your feet, like swimming. When your feet and legs have healed you can slowly transition back into your regular exercise routine.

  1. Plantar fasciitis

Problem: Plantar Fasciitis is the medical term for pain that runs from your heel to the bottom of your foot. When you put too much stress on it, the tissues begin to stiffen and become firm, which is what causes the pain. It can be caused by walking too much on concrete or wearing hard shoes; or if you abruptly increase your normal walking routine.

Solution: To reduce this pain you will want to wear special supportive shoes or buy high quality shoes that offer support for walking. You can also try some massage treatments that will imporve your heel and foot pain.


  1. Regenerated Changes

Problem: Just like an old pair of shoes, as you get older the pads on the bottom of your feet start to wear out becoming more sensitive and thinner.

Solution: If you are still young and have time to take care of your health, you should practice good habits and a healthy regime. Minimize wearing uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes and drink more milk to provide nutrition for your bones.

Overall, wrong shoes, repetitive strain, and sudden chances can be the reason why your feet are injured or in pain. However, if you take precautions to provide the best habitat for your feet, you shouldn’t have to worry about foot pain for much longer.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I think it is important to have a pair of shoes that fit well, are comfortable, and have the proper support. Going to a proper shoe store can help – they watch how you walk and measure your feet, so that they can find the best pair of shoes for your foot type. Great information, thanks for sharing!

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