Fashionable Running Shoes For Men – Why Not?

Although comfort is more important that fashion, but figure of running shoes or sport shoes can also help you look better in some case. They are considered fashions items that you can match with your costume to make fashionable appearance. Besides, you can also have a good figure even though you are training. Here are 3 colors and 3 styles trending in 2016 that you can apply to your new running shoes.

2016 shoe style trending


  • Athletic slip-on shoes

It’s a combination between slip on and athletic shoes, this style make runners be more active and modern. Also, this style is cool, so it doesn’t make you feel hot and uncomfortable when running. Thanks to its fashionable style, you can be more stylish when you wear it. Athletic slip-on shoes are always a smart choice for people from the past to the present.

  • Athletic bluchers

A style which make you look more active and badass with street style. Some types of shoes with these style have ankle pad which can support your instep. However, for some people, this is a bad thing in a running shoes and they don’t want to have a pair of running shoes which has that part. But athletic bluchers are also a popular selection for people, not only because of its fashionable, but also its benefits.

  • Height supporting athletic shoes

These kind of shoes is specially suitable for short people. Because of its insole which lift your heel, this style make you have to tiptoed compulsorily whenever you wear it and lengthen your leg bone slowly. Besides, this style can help short people be more confident, so people also use it not only in training but also in going out. However, running shoes with high will make some people feel hurt, uncomfortable and weak at the ankle.


There are 10 colors trending in 2016 that make you be good looking but for men, here are some colors which make you be more masculine and fashionable.

  • Iced Coffee

With some special traits: warm, earthy, soft, subtle, your shoes will be looked more stable and solid. Iced coffee is a neutral color which can fit with white – a popular color of sport t-shirt.

  • Snorkel Blue

A snorkel blue shoes will make you feel relax because of its soft tone. It’s is not too dark but not too light, snorkel blue seems as an anchor color for people in 2016.

  • Lilac Gray

Lilac gray is a soft and subtle neutral color which needs for every season. This color make you be masculine but not too rigid.

  • Other colors

Buttercup, fiesta, green flash, limpet shell, peach echo, rose quartz, serenity is another colors in the list but… I don’t think these colors are suitable for men and for the running shoes. Consider carefully before get a new pair of shoes.

In sum, have a fashionable running shoes is an advantage for men because they can be good looking in training and going out. Running shoes, or sport shoes is not only an important equipment for runners, but also a fashionable item. However, remember this carefully: Quality, comfort and benefit are more, more, more important than fashionable. So, give priority to them first, fashion is just an addition.

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