Do You Have Experience to Run on the Beach?

Running on the beach not only brings a feeling of peace, pleasant experience and beautiful pictures but also helps you improve running durability. Having a run on the sand, especially the dry one makes the running motion more difficult and slower, so it’s sure that you spend more effort on running out at the sea. Moreover, after running, you can jump into the water. Certainly running on the beach is an ideal workout to refresh your practice sessions. The following are six notes you need to know when running on the beach.

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Start On The Wet Sand:

If you begin to run on the beach for the first time, start running on the wet and hard sand first because it will be easier than to run on the dry and soft one. You can slowly increase the amount of running time of 2-3 minutes/time on the soft sand and more if running on the wet and hard sand. When you are familiar with the dry and soft sand and then, you can start running with longer strides

Run On The White Sand Only:

Avoid running on subsidence sand because it causes knee and ankle injuries.

Drink Enough Water:

To avoid dehydration or heat encountered problems, try to drink enough water, you should always carry a bottle of water or prepare a little amount of money to buy it.

Check The Footprint:

When you run, it is necessary for you to spend time on stopping to check your footprint because they will show your running habits. For example: Should you move in a straight line? Or the way how does the foot touch in the sand need be adjusted properly.

Protect Your Skin:

Running on the beach often makes your skin directly affected by sunlight. Protect your skin with sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Avoid running in the sun from 10 am to 4 pm.

Use Running Shoes:

On the market today, there is no dedicated running footwear for the beach. But you can keep aside a pair only when running, so there is no need to worry about cleaning them after every run.

If you feel bored with the running workout on the machine, on the road or in familiar areas you can change your running place to the beaches. You can use respite with family and friends and spend 30 minutes per day on maintaining the workout and running on the beach. This new habit helps you both keep the practice and make your mind newly and refreshed after a stressful working day.

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