Best Waterproof Walking Shoes 2017

Choosing shoes has no rule at all because sometimes it is just based on your budget. Also, picking something so-called the right shoes doesn’t mean that they have the same features for all types. The shoes for going out for drinks at bars with your friends must be very, very different from shoes for outdoor activities like walking, running, hiking or climbing mountains. Therefore, if you are looking for a pair for better protection of your feet from inclement weather, especially when walking in wet conditions, take your time for a glimpse at this collection of best waterproof walking shoes.

1. Columbia Men's Redmond Waterproof Trail Shoe


Just by their look, these Columbia Men’s Redmond shoes somewhat prove themselves as things for outdoor activities. Being in the earthy color, unique style and solid construction, they bring you the sporty and strong feeling at first sight, but first and foremost, they are featured being waterproof, which will allows the wearers to stay dry for a long journey, especially in the wet conditions like in forests or snowy roads.

Moreover, to increase the comfort for the feet, the uppers are made of fabric and leather, which feature to help the shoes more flexible, breathable and durable. Also, this combined material is ideal for both dry and wet condition, which means they are warm and dry in wet weather but cool in hot weather like summer days.

However, as a bit disappointed, they will be picky for those who have wide feet because these shoes are quite narrow at their forefoot but wider at the heels, so to definitely fit your size of feet, you may need to buy them in person for easier to try them on before purchasing, if you are an online buyers, you may need to pick the size which is bigger a bit than your real size.

2. Columbia Men's North Plains Trail Shoe


You can’t completely enjoy your adventurous trips unless you wear the shoes which are definitely designed for outdoor activities like Columbia Men’s North Plains Trail Shoes. In fact, long-distance walkers need to walk with ease, so the light weight of shoes will perfectly increase the comfort and convenience within miles of walking.

Of course, blister is a common problem that long-distance walkers often experience when wearing normal shoes made of non-waterproof materials but you will no longer concern about this problem because this pair is featured being-waterproof. Also, the material for upper is made of leather and textile, which means they perform better for both keeping warm and staying dry. Moreover, textile is also good at durability. In addition, for the better service of outdoor activities, the outsoles of these shoes are designed for great grip, even on the slippery solid ice. However, like some other models of Columbia shoes, the toe box of these shoes are quite rounded and small, wearers who have wider forefoot may be difficult to find the perfectly-fit sizes.

3. Merrell Men's Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoe


Being solid construction and good-looking style, the Merrell Men’s Moab shoes are really eye-catching. Also, they prove their quality as best walking shoes that hiker and backpackers should own at least a pair.

In fact, the shoes are stiffer and more flexible, which will definitely help your protective feeling and a lot of wearers have actually experienced with them and gave the positive feedbacks. Therefore, there is no doubt that the shoes will give the comfortable feeling to your feet, especially when you have to walk all day long in inclement weather because the leather and textile uppers allow your shoes to be breathable and cool.

Also, they are waterproof due to the textile and leather uppers which mean you can walk in wet conditions for all day long but your feet still stay dry and stay away from getting blister. In addition, these shoes will be durable whatever you have to walk on rocky surfaces. What are else? The EVA insoles and heel air pods absorb sock and cushion sheet are also upside features, and molded nylon shank compression also add additional cushioning to the shoes. Another thing is they are light in weight, so you won’t feel you are lugging a heavy stuff on your feet.

4. Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe


The second pair of shoes from Merrell should be on your list is named Merrell Men’s Moab ventilator hiking shoes because they own many dominant features of a pair of walking shoes that must have. For being more flexible and durable, the upper shoes are made of synthetic and leather with Vibram sole. Also, the shoes work well as breathable feature, which means your feet can stay dry and comfortable for all day long walking and cool in the hot weather as well. In addition, the shoes also come with replaceable insoles, so you are easy to dry them and get rid of the stink caused by your sweat and dirty inside the shoes.

What are else? For increasing the comfort to the feet, the foot-bed is made of compression-molded EVA technology. Because this Merrell Moab ventilator shoes are designed for people who love active outdoor activities, they are good at ability of grip, so the wearers are reduced the unwanted slip and fall, even they are walking on very slippery surfaces like solid ice.

5. Salomon Men's X Ultra Prime CS Waterproof Hiking Shoe


These Salomon waterproof shoes are really excellent for those who are fans of outdoor activities like walking, hiking and climbing mountains. Featuring themselves as many great features including the best designed sole for arch support, this pair will give you the comfortable feeling to your feet within every step, especially the waterproof feature – a must-have feature for hiking shoes will bring the content to wearers when walking in wet conditions.

Moreover, fabric is known as soft and breathable material while leather is durable and water resistance, therefore, the combination of two for making the upper shoes will make it more perfect than others. Also, they will help your feet sweaty too much while walking for a long distance because fabric allows water to be evaporated better. In addition, the stiffer construction is the promised feature for the great performance in inclement weather and rocky surfaces. Also, they have great grip to slippery surfaces, which means you are prevent from unwanted sliding or falling.

6. KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot


If you are looking for shoes that have higher collar to envelope your ankle, this pair of KEEN is the one for you. With the collars height 15.24 cm, they will reduce debris and dirty getting inside your shoes, therefore, your feet are protected better when you have to soak your shoes in muddy conditions or wet grassy surfaces.

Also, the shoes are equipped with both waterproof and breathable membranes, your adventurous trips to the forests in winter will be more enjoyable because they are not only prevent from getting blister but also stay away from stink caused by sweat. In addition, the shoes offer the removable insoles, so you can replace them with new ones, if the old ones are getting bad or dirty. Moreover, the dual density compression molded EVA midsole is another upside, which increase the comfort with every step.

Moreover, to make these shoes more ideal for outdoor activities, the bottoms of shoes are designed with 4mm multi directional lugs, which increase the ability of grip to slippery surfaces, therefore, whatever you are walking on rocky surfaces or muddy conditions, you are prevented from unwanted sliding or falling.

7. Ahnu Men's Coburn Low Waterproof Hiking Shoe


Looking for shoes that can wick away moisture better for your long distance in the forest? Let this pair of Ahnu Men’s Coburn Low waterproof hiking shoes be friend with your feet. Along with water-proof feature, this pair also owns many great features that walking shoes should have.

Firstly, for the upper shoes, leather is used for the mid part of shoes while fabric is used to build for forefoot, which means they will be more durable but breathable enough to let your feet always stay cool in any conditions. Secondly, the outsoles are very stiff and the whole shoes are solid construction, which means they will perform well when wearing in hash conditions. Thirdly, their insoles are removable, therefore, you no longer suffer from any stinks caused by your sweat because you are easy to replace or take them out for drying or cleaning. Fourthly, you never feel you are lugging the heavy rock on your feet because the material used for making shoes is light. Finally, the toe box is roomy, so your toes have enough space to get the comfortable feeling during walking.

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