Arch Problems and Solutions

Playing sports improperly or carrying out sudden and intense actions often cause trauma or injuries which are related to bones, muscles and makes us painful. Especially, feet are the body parts which perform a lot of movements and support the whole weight of our body; they are inevitable to get these problems. One of the most issues which our feet have to cope with is the arch pain, and it has the tendency to happen when we are walking or running.

What is an arch pain?

Arch pain or arch strain is a kind of injury related to burning sensation and inflammation at the foot arch. This soreness might be caused by a variety of reasons and the main and popular culprit directly makes us experience this disease is the plantar fasciitis. Being located at the bottom of our feet, the plantar fascia is the fibrous tissue running along from our knees to toes. When this fibrous tissue is injured or damaged, it causes muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments pains on the foot bottom. Usually, arch pain can relieve and disappear in a short time but if without a proper treatment, it can become more terrible.

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How could we know our feet are experiencing arch pain?

The symptom of an arch pain is always easy to realize, and if you get some of the following signs, you are coping with arch pain.

–   Standing on the tiptoes difficultly

–   Getting inflammation

–   Walking barefoot painfully

–   Getting more painful when moving on a hard or rough surface

–   Burning sensation

–   Increasing soreness when you flex your toes

–   Getting numbness or tingling in the toes

–   Becoming red

How to solve arch pain effectively?

If the pain is not serious as it does not affect much to your daily movement, you can treat it at home by simple ways. You can buy essential oil to relieve arch pain every day and ice bag or ice pack to apply to the painful area. Don’t forget to massage gently and limit to walk or run until it completely disappears.

If you have to move, try to improve your usual footwear by some soft pads, or you can buy the walking shoes with arch support made of gentle and smooth materials as well as have a special sole design to reduce pressure on our feet.

If your pain is terrible and you get difficulties when moving, it is necessary for you to see the doctor and receive the right and proper treatment. The doctor will provide you some doses of medicine and instruction to follow.

What should we do to avoid arch pain?

Although proper treatment can help you to eliminate arch pain, this situation still happens again if you do not change your wrong habits every day. High heels are known as the top culprit of this soreness. Hence, you should limit to wear this kind of footwear regularly and replace by the shorter ones. Besides, don’t walk barefoot on the hard surfaces to avoid making your foot bottom injured. Finally, even you walk, jump or run, should remember to carry out right postures and prevent the sudden movements as much as possible.

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