A Comprehensive Review of Top Sneakers for Runners 2017

Looking forward to buy new sneakers? Here is a comprehensive review of top rated pieces that will make running, comfortable, fun, and enthralling.

1. Adidas Performance Men's Ultra Boost M Running Shoe


The Adidas Performance Men’s Ultra Boost M Running Shoe has proven to be one of the reliable shoes on the market today, and no runner or athlete wants to start without it. Its design and features have proven highly effective in enhancing comfort, and support.


Stretchable rubber outsole

Synthetic meshed top

Enhanced torsion system

Padded bed and insole


A meshed outer cover allows air to circulate easily and clears off all perspiration from the feet. This has been very useful in keeping feet fresh, avoid bacterial infections, and reduce irritation.

This sneaker’s design from meshed synthetic and rubber outsole have made it extra light which is ideal for runners. In addition to this, the stretchweb outsole makes the shoe ideal for extra stability crucial for touchdown and thrush push-off.

In their design, Adidas made the inner part of the shoe soft and firm using special lining that helps to cushion the arch, toes and heel. This makes it easy to keep running for longer.


The main con of this shoe is its cost. You must be prepared to part with a large amount to get this top rated sneaker.

However, it is a worth investment factoring the high quality, design, durability, and ability to enhance performance.

2. New Balance Men's ML574 Core Plus Collection Sneaker


This New Balance sneaker was designed to guarantee optimal performance without foregoing a sense of class. From its design, shape, and connection between each feature to the next, it is a sneaker made for top performance in all fonts.


ENCAP cushioning

Padded tongue, interior, and collar

Lace-up vamp with logoed sides

Synthetic soles


This shoe has beaten all odds to deliver style without compromising tough field qualities. The top is made of leather carefully stitched to a meshed vamp to enhance breathability. This makes the feet feel fresh throughout the running session.

Whether one is a new runner, veteran athlete, or simply run or fitness, the sneaker has a lace-up vamp that allows makes the get total support from all sides. From below, the sneaker’s bed is padded while the tongue and ENCAP are cushioned well to give you a springy feeling when running.

Running is all about the grip and stability whether starting or in motion. The sneaker features a synthetic sole with strong treads that make it ideal to run in all environments. Whether the ground is wet and slippery or has loose particles, the user will still have the grip needed for extra thrush.


The outsole of this shoe is relatively condensed which concentrates pressure on a smaller surface area. Though this may be an advantage because it keeps the shoe lighter, it could hamper people looking forward to thrust at faster speeds.

This is a sneaker that every runner should consider adding to other important accessories. Besides, it is a perfect outdoor fit because of its attractive and comfortable appeal.

3. Hoka One One Bondi 4 Men's Running


One Bondi 4 Men’s Running sneaker is a meshed running piece designed for top performance. The shape and features work synergistically to enhance forward motion in a springing manner that makes an athlete a better performer. It is no doubt a running motivator and companion for serious runners.


Strong and light rubber sole

Lycra upper frame

Oversized midsole

Meshed upper part


This shoe is very comfortable and give the user extra stability. Its carefully designed rocker heel and ample tow box allow the runner to effectively plant the feet and push forward whether at the start or even middle of a race. Besides, the sneaker has strong padding at the bottom and sides for extra comfort throughout the race.

This shoe is very versatile and users can use it for both on and off-road running. The outsole treads gives the user a perfect grip to make it easy to keep running whether in the field, backyard, or indoors.

The sneaker’s extensive mesh-knits allow enough air to circulate to and from the foot cells. This is important in keeping off bad odors and feet fresh.


One disadvantage about this sneaker is its oversized midsole. The oversize outlook makes one feel like rolling especially when rushing through a dead end lane.

This is a perfect sneaker that every runner should invest in. It is fitting, enhances performance, and comes at an affordable price.

4. Nike Men's Free 5.0 Running Shoe


The design of this sneaker gives the impression of the ultimate shoe that every runner wants. Whether you want to be involved in competitive athletics or simply want to make running a daily routine, this shoe gives you all the comfort and extra motivation.


Meshed outer part and vamp

Rubber outsole

Padded shoe bed

Cushioned side and tongue


Nike’s design and selection of materials for this shoe makes it extra light to help with faster propulsion. From the meshed upper part to rubber soles, the user finds it easy to run using these shoes than any other model.

On comfort, Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Running Shoe was made to make running an enjoyable career and fun for others. The shoe bed is carefully padded, sides perfectly cushioned, and, further, allows enough air to flow all the time when you are in them.

Unlike other shoes, this sneaker was uniquely made to make your strides feel natural. This, plus the comfort makes it easy to associate with running or fitness training for better results.


The only con for this 5.0 sneaker is that size can be a little bewildering. It is not ideal for those who consider running without shoes. To get a perfect choice, make sure to try it with your feet.

This is one pair of sneaker that Nike appears to have gone to great lengths in both field and off-field running.

5. Reebok Men's Classic Nylon R13 Shoe


If looking for a shoe that is extra comfortable, this might be the ultimate pair. The shoe design is aimed at giving the user extra comfort, support, and flexibility for outdoor activities.


Rubber soles

Textured overlays and slender profile

Padded collar and tongue

Strengthened footbed, and vamp for extra durability


The sneakers are built to withstand heavy duty work without getting degraded. The nylon selection and sole are very strong and will last long whether you plan to run every day or severally in a week.

For effective running, the user of this shoe enjoys extra breathability from the meshed upper part. This makes the shoe extra comfortable by ensuring every cell is free and all perspiration cleared.

Its collar, bed, tongue and sides are well padded to give you extra support. Notably, the rubber sole is ultra sensitive and keeps up with shifting pressure step by step.


Its slender shape can make people with broader feet uncomfortable. However, it is a great plus for people with fitting feet who to become runners.

These sneakers are classic and proven to be reliable whether one is running professionally or mildly for fitness. Coming at a very affordable rate, this is one piece every person should consider investing in.

These sneakers proved to be top picks and give the user guarantee of better value for money. Whether you are looking forward to running as a career or simply want to enjoy outdoor running, pick any the pairs to enjoy every minute of it. Always remember to get the right shoes for a perfect fit to enjoy running every day.

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