3 Mistakes When Buying New Running Shoes For Men

I see many people who are beginner buy new running shoes from a running specialist store, and they often make 3 mistakes that in my opinion, they are the most common mistakes that anyone had to make at least once. This post will make you realize those mistakes and avoid them to have ability to get the best running shoes for runners.

Running your shoes to death

This is the most common mistake that even me also make it. We usually use running shoes until they are fade, threadbare but we still want to use them until they can not be used anymore. It’s dumb. You use your shoes to death to save your money but you have to pay a lot of money to chiropodists instead. Are you serious?

You have to know that when to replace your old running shoes. That is not too difficult. You have to replace your running shoes if the upper shoe rips in the side, the heel is rubbing. You can also tap the heel of your shoe, if the heel jiggle for a short time, it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes. Your shoe are not designed to last forever, they are usually designed to last about 500 – 800 km.

Running not your shoes

I see many people often borrow their friend’s shoes. This is not good and maybe damage to your feet, sole, ankle or instep. Everybody has their own foot’s traits. Although you have the same size with your friend, your foot is still different from them. People usually run in the wrong shoes because they borrow without questioning if it is right for their foot’s traits or running style.

Okay, let’s compare your foot with your friend. And then, how many differences can you spot between your foot and your friend’s foot?

Your friends can recommend and give you some ideas about buying a new pair of running shoes but it’s based on their experience. Remember buy a shoe just for you, not for them. Forget their recommendations and choose a new pair you like.

Choosing shoes that look awesome but feel awful.

Tips for choosing shoes

Remember, the comfort is more important than fashion. Choosing nice shoes but feel uncomfortable is a nightmare. Also, choosing unsuitable shoes can make you have some injuries. A fantastic pair of running shoes is: “Snug everywhere but tight nowhere.”

Buy snug and comfortable if you want to have pretty feet. Fashion is not important. When you buy a new pair of shoes, the important is feeling and fitting, not to big, not too small, not too tight, not too wide. A good shoe should have a room in front of your forefoot that your toes can move easily, the heel is snug but not tight. Also, you should try on and walk or run for a short distance to make sure you feel comfortable with the new shoes. Besides, buy a brand new shoes to get the best quality.

I hope you can remember these mistakes and avoid making them. This post may help you have a suitable pair of running shoes that can improve your training’s quality, also your health. Good luck in your training.

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